Family Outtings

My dad's fren invited our whole family for lunch (shabu shabu) Having 'kurobuta pork loin, shoulder & assorted) last saturday. We also had wagyu beef. Yummy~The taste is so nice. Once you put into your mouth, it melted..We had the lunch for 10 persons and the total bill is..Guess how much? SGD500 over..Wow..expensive!!Luckily my dad is not the one fitting the foot bill.

Below is the pic of the whole kurobuta:~

Black Pig (The pig eats wheat so it's meat is very tender & healthy)
The Singapore Flyer Gift Shop Side View
Singapore Flyer Gifts SHop Signage~(You can see it after your trip frm the 30 mins flyer)

You can see ppl queuing up to pay for the souveniers & photo like you can see below~ We took it before we took the flyer. One photo costs us $25/copy. 2nd copy only charge us $10/copy~
The group that day@@

Singapore Flyer (world largest flyer at this moment) The height is 168metres & 40plus storey high. You can see the overall view in singapore..the building..the projects going on & etc~~ The view from the peak of the flyer**~~Stadium on the lake near esplanade~~
v Sisters @ the Top Peak~~
It's Durian ice-cream~(Yummy yummy~The smell of durian is so nice)
~costs $5 per cup. It's gelatinos. Had it after the ride~


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