Colleague's Big Day & Sun

Attended my colleague(May) wedding dinner on 21st last sat at York hotel located near Far East and behind Goodwood Hotel. First time i actually took bus to a wedding dinner in Singapore. Can you imagine wear til so nice and has to take bus over to orchard.Agreed to mee the rest colleagues at Far East Plaza and we walk to the hotel.

We reached the hall around 7plus and miggle around taking photos before we proceed to our dinner table. The dinner starts at 8plus and ends around 11pm. Oh gosh..such a long dinner. We took some photos during the dinner..

Sam & Me (she looks elegant tat nite)Young gals Group Pic~~
Luckily able to catch the last train departing back jurong and get back to toa payoh on that nite.Tired day and woke up 11am the next day..
It's Sun and i had a spring cleaning for my house in Toa Payoh since i'll need to stay there for another 1 year. So dusty & messy and had to sweep & sweep~~Luckily, Teck Chong (housemate) helped me out to wash the toilet. It's damn clean now. Looks like a new toilet.haha~sound crazy? It's really dirty before that and i think he cannot tahan..haha~coz he is going to use it soon on August. Sharing v us (me & jinye)..
Met Sin yee for dinner after that and had 'Chong Qing' Steamboat at Geylang. Her fren (pilot frm SQ) come and picked us up..Sound cool man..get a chance to sit sports car. Had steamboat around 9plus and they chit chat all the way until 11plus..Feel so sleepy..So, after the dinner, they send me back to hotel before going to karaoke & sing til 6plus in the morning. just on time i woke up to go to gym..
Yawning away in the office now..'ll meet sin yee later after work since she is flying to columbia tomorrow noon~~Tired :(


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