Morning Session:-My mood today is juz like the weather today. It seems like the the sky is crying (raining) non-stop. The atmosphere is so cold like my heart. It has been piercing pain the whole day. Difficult breathing as well. Don't understand why i keep having this kind of feeling. Hope the day will pass quickly and end soon~

Hope i can find ways to solve the problems & get on my life soon..I dun know how and i really want it to be solve soon~~

Afternoon Period:- I have to learn be understanding, accept the reality. I know i hv to keep trying & trying~~ I don't know whether is this right or not. Anyway, pray hard everything goes well in the end Depressing is keep haunting me. I dun know y. so wish to drive it away but it juz couldn't leave me.

I hope what i wish can come true and no more bad memories again~HATE the feelings~~
"BE POSITIVE, Life is Full of hope* Dun expect then you will not disappointed with it".
I always tell myself but i still can't get through it. How???

Evening Period:- My feeling SUCKS totally after knowing the ans. I hate the word 'PROMISE'. I hate it so much. Everything was so wonderful & really like fairy tales but reality do come in to break everything. I'm loss~ I'm a failure in this. Can somebody teach me how should i handle this?

What will you do if you had promise someone to do a particular things but end up you break it= break the person heart? The person was so delighted to hear it at first but now..everything is dashed in a split seconds. Why bad things always happen?? I can't think rational anymore...

Don't wish to go home so early...i have nowhere to go :' ( .............scare to back to the house & being left alone with the tv and the 4 walls. THe loneliness is back again as the nite falls~HATE THIS FEELING~

Wish it will be better tomorrow~~


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