Friday Blu3

Trying not to bring forward my feelings to today. It's no good & bad for health also. Unhappiness & saddness all over me ever since the conversation last Wed. Things does not really worked well & smoothly like what we want it to me..keep haunting my mind all the time..Try to solve but seems like i need to work harder for it.

Firstly-mindset. Seriously speaking i really need to do soul-searching after listening to Angeline's 'consulting'. She has been such a dear to listen to my worries & nonsenses since yesterday. Thanks dear..You're rite that i need to buck up and CHANGE.
CHANGE is such a simple words but there is a huge knowledge behind it. Changing is important but is it essential? I really wonder?? However, i think i have been mixing up my understanding of encouragement & forcing, hope & expectation.

Wonder how should i slowly make myself learn from mistake & grow from there..Sometimes when you are not aware your words of encouragement will become forcing eventually without realising you're actually DID IT! This applies to the HOPE & EXPECTATION.

Is it really when you hope too much this will happen has turn you become very domineering to make it become expectation? So deep knowledge on it!How should i do to make myselft dun think so much???

Today is also bad day at work. So many workloads pilling up at my desk & keep rushing here & there with all the deadlines. Plss lo..i only one person & thought i superwoman..My house contract is going to end July and still thinking whether want to renew at $1900 or not. But i dun hv roommate to share with me. main point is that i need to confirm by this Sunday. many probs just like to prop out al at the same time.. Am i going to bear with the common room price of $600???Tat's goes my pathetic salary. Worst part is that the rental price is actually higher than my salary!!!!So unfair!!!

My current roommate she finally make a decision to change job to Prudential. She has finally done it but how about me? I have been dragging & dragging..y should i compare since it's me myself who doesn't wanna make descision..Human being..that's me~undecisive~

I guess i really need to get myself to learn to be more positive, quick-decision & determination strong..Actually i scare but scare can solve prob? Cannot (i know) but somehow it seems so tough...

What should i do?????


angelmama said...

if you think your life is in a mess, stop & reflect & plan. sort out your problems 1 by 1.

1. start saving (asap & faithfully)

2. find a new place to stay (cheaper)

3. get a better job (w/higher pay)

4. reward yourself once a while with ice-cream or iced chocolate

5. start saving up and plan for a holiday for de-stressing.


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