Mon Blu3

Just realise angelmama (angeline) comment. Sound hurting & harsh but i know she is doing good for me. haha~Thanks dear.I'll takes time to do changes~~and when i said it, I MUST MAKE SURE I DO IT
Was back at jb home on sun nite & had a good chat before slept. Woke up a while when i heard my sis alarm rang. She woked up & dress up 3 plus early morning getting ready to be pick up by the taxi driver. and her fren (tingting). She is going MEDAN again for projects for one week. My mum purposely woke up to send her off..So nice she has the opportunity to fly here & there but sacrifices need to be made. She worked til 9.30pm to rush the projects..hehe~Pros & Cons~
As for me, i woke up 7.50am and get ready to go to Menara Custom JB again. My dad drove me there and waited for me outside. I have been going over there for several times to hand up the food ingredients form to check the HS code to import from Singapore to M'sia. So many procedures to do. Still remember when i went there the first time~ the officers they (MALAYS) really sucks. They look so 'action'. hate it~ But after a few times, they look ok to me after all..
Soon..i'm on my way to jb custom to back Sg office. It was a slight traffic jam & human jam in sg custom but not more than 30 mins. So, once reach Kranji MRT, i quickly bought a bread to eat on my way back office. Met Kriss and we took cab back to United Square.
After a while, my stomach began to feel pain again..went to the toilet & dizziness starting to come back. Feeling damn so unwell and without realising..i got a slight fever~So, i knocked on time 5.30pm and went up to Philip Wain to have a quick bath before i rush back home to sleep. Bought takeaway SUBWAY B.M.T with my fav honey mustard mayonnaise to goes with it.
Slept at 8plus after the last msg..and dream to the dreamland all the way til morning.6.25am..woke up on time to go to gym before work..luckily my fever & stomach pain is over. Panadol sure works wonder with plenty of rest~~


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