The Day after Monday Blu3

The feeling back home after work is wonderful.But dun know y today once i stepped into my Toa Payoh flat, i can sense the loneliness around me. My roommat, Mei Yee has moved out her things. She is going to move in with her sis next block and i'm going to stay with TC's gf.

Then i started to wash my toilet. It was few weeks ago when TC offered to wash it for us. Dun know y i have the feelings to get it done today.haha~playing v my emo now..i guess..Worst part after a nice bath, while combing my hair, the comb jz broke into 2 pieces.

No mood in work..restless..bad r/ships v ppl...emo lately..throwing tantrums and temper to my parents and my granny.Kinda feel bad because i kept rushing them to do the things fast. i need to back sg early. All coz of the stupid jam in the custom. Hope they dun blame me. I really hv to do something with my moody character..

Recently has a habit of reading ppl's blog now. kinda inspire me to do something to my life. Make it more lively like wonder..need to do some research ...

Hope i really can do something to myself..make me looking forward it everyday...

p/s: My membership in Philip Wain going to end next Tuesday. Oh gosh..should i continue? No money to continue..


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