Efforts Paid Off

@ Shokutsu Jurong Point v Colleagues (main entrance)

Little Osaka Street (under Mock up Puffer fish from Japan)

Teppan with Colleagues( was asked to put on disposable apron)

Sake Barrel in Between Fram3

Outside Kuriya Fresh Market Jurong Point with Kennedy-san

Sake Barrel from Japan outside Kuishin-Bo Jurong Point

Chasu Ramen

Spicy Ramen

MenIchi Jurong POint

Had a very busy week last week with the outlets opening in Jurong Point. Many problems keep on prop out continuos til yesteray. Anyway, long story to talk about since this is the workload that i need to hold..Kennedy-san (area manager) who handles the jurong outlets (5 in 1) had invited our office staffs for the dry run yesterday noon. So, we started to eat from 1pm til 7pm..we went to Kuishin-Bo (first stop) and had my favourite sashimi & zuwai kani (snow crab)..

Next stop is Menichi Jurong Point (Ramen). The space is limited to 20plus ppl. We tried the ramen.Chasu ramen & Spicy ramen. THe soup taste nice because the ingredients are imported from Japan. Took some pictures which you can see later part.and most importantly we took many pictures..haha!

Then we went to Yaki Yaki Bo (Teppan) outlet. The sirloin & the tenderloin is super delicious. THe chef shows his display skills in front of us (some sort of one man show skill). We ordered Asahi Beer , Hot sake & lime juice. I drank 2 glass of asahi beer.the scallop is also very Q when you put in your mouth..We had fry banana with ice-cream. It's very innovative to cook the banana & put the vanilla ice-cream melted on top on the teppan fry plate..the taste of sweetness,coldness, hotness all in one..@#$#^% (hard to describe the taste). U gonna taste yourself...

Then we have Ichiban Sushi as well but since this is the existing outlet concept so we did not go in and eat. We have Kuriya Fresh Market where we have shelf display selling confectionary & fresh fish from Japan..
The main entrance was the MAIN attraction for customers. Everyone busy taking photos as if we were in JAPAN..haha!Sound so weird huh? We finished our dry run at 7pm which is supposed to be at 3.30pm.haha! Took mrt back to Toa Payoh with Yeehui & some gossips while we r in the train..typical ladies "kua zhang"(exagarating). Haha!!


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