Quotes that motivates u & m3

What is Life all about?
I need to get rid of my emo!! It has been haunting with me for such a long week and it is getting out of hand. Oh gosh..something terrible did happen last nite. It is a heavy blow for me and u. Looking forward to have a brand new start with a message i receive later part..Hoping everything will go well soon...
Received email from a colleague which motivates me somehow. I need to get myself keep reading the quotes from famous people and blend with positive thinking people so i can brain wash myself. I'm over board..over thinking, over negative, over self pressurizing.. need to buck up to change~~

I hope i didn't break yours if you are reading it..

Better stop all these nonsenses..LEARN it~I will try to learn it...

I'm putting a STOP note here for being so EMO lately. 'GET ON V UR LIFE'~I will and I must prove it to myself..

p/s: going to KL after work today. Gonna attend my sis, Laurel's convo. Finally graduate from TARC. Need to be driver and photographer..snap snap snap..hehe~
Too bad Rachel's not joining us. She need to rush the projects in Medan. First time ever the family is short of one. Guess this is working life.
Upload the pics when i get back from KL.. Cheers~


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