YES Vs No..
Should i take up the course and start my life work & study for the next 10mths?

Things really do not turn out as expected. As predicted to be going smoothly. A sudden change can happen anytime.
Kinda fed up with it. I was so excited and looking forward to attend the 3 days course but cancelled 2 days before the commencement. It has been POSTPONED! I have been waiting for the day to come and yet it just cancelled out because…

Anyway, the part-time study that I’m planning to study. I decided to postpone as well. Angel-mama is right. I too rush to myself. Things need to go step by step. I need to slow down my pace & not to be so impatient. It really makes me tired both psychically & mentally.

Holiday is also my aim for coming month but..

Seems like Aug mth of mine can be describe into 3 seasons:-
Early Aug- Expectation - Awaits for Gatherings – Fun & Excitement-Memorable time
Mid Aug- B’day week- Happiness + Disappointment of …+ Surprises from Someone
End Aug – Disaster + Confusion +Tiredness + Unexpectation + Depression

How will Sept be like?

All I know is that I’m kinda low-spirit with many issues running in my head..I need to have the sense of self-motivation to overcome my depression..
My grandma is still in hospital due to the asthma attack.Praying hard for her as yesterday she jz escape from gate of death. She stopped breathing for few mins and luckily the nurse is able to revive her..Hope she will be fine soon **


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