Had lunch with Wilia during my lunch break yesterday. She treated me We went Swensens.Yummy Yummy! I had USA BBQ Chicken set lunch which comes with the soup of the day & drink. Wilia got herself executive lunch set of olive spagethi. The sauce for the chicken is terribly sweet. Yucks..Guess Swensen is better in desserts not on the main course. Had a chat with her. She shared with me her working experience under her previous company. So kinda funny and seems like a joke of the day.

As usual I straightaway back home after work. Bought the Old Chang Kee Curry Bread costs me $3.00. The curry is hot not really suited my taste bud. I can’t stand the hotness. Anyway, that’s my dinner of the day. Went surfing the net & check for any opportunities for any changes.

Browse thru J photos thru facebook. She is so blissful & blessing with her husband at such young age able to enjoy the holidays & surprises. Going nice places for honeymoon & holidays without worrying the $$ issue. Guess it is her fate & luck * Envy* She does not has to worry about the $$ issue since her husband is capable to earn it. Hope I can be like her too.Wake up! Wake up! I’m day dreaming again. ‘_’!!! I will have to work hard for it.

Browse thru an institute website & there is a specialist diploma course 10mths period. Wondering whether wanna try out or not. But I need to find out the details from the respective school about the relevant information. But current moment $$ is the issue.

Shall list down what I hoped to have for my coming birthday:-

1. Handphone (curren hp sot sot already)
2. $$$ (after deduction of 15% of CPF) – need to change job~
3. Family matters to be resolve soon
4. celebration with u all- (kind impossible)
5. Better prospect for my future
6. Achievable goal for 24yrs old (reflect back what I had done for the past 8mths)
7. Nice holiday-hope it's coming soon
8. Change my short-tempered I guess coz I keep losing it lately
9. Proper planning for few years time
10. Find myself what I really want now

Maslow Hieracrhy Needs- Guess i really need it for guideline now..hehe ;p

Mostly need to be achieved by myself so just a reminder to myself.hehe! Anyway, i miss my 21st Birthday..It was a nice & 'scary' memories given by my ex-Uni frens..Miss them so much

Actually I'm writing this in the office now. Gotta go now..need to teach the new gal.She seems cannot hear me when I called her. In fact she is just few steps away from me. I wonder y is she so concentrate or day dreaming or whatever…

Yeah!Friday is coming. Just one stop away from now~ ~coz it's going weekend soon..


Jz had dinner @ CZ'ZAR (chinese cuisine restaurant) which is also owned by my company as well but under subsidiary company. Actually it was A&P gathering to celebrate Pam's birthday but end up i joined them as well. Had delicious foods. Peggy took the photos. Shall get from her tomorrow to upload to share. The foods has improved since the trial out opening last year when whole bunch of office ppl went down to the restaurant for try out. Guess because changed chef & recipe as well.

We took some photos during & after the dinner. Had a free dessert for each of everyone of us (we have 6ppl). BF actually treated us prior to her agreement between peggy. Lucky us..hehe~

Took pictures v Tsuzuki-san as well since he passed by the restaurant.So, had a quick dinner for less than 2 hrs and i reached home at 8plus. Here I'm blogging again..to continue my daily story.

Shall upload my latest photo here..new look?

The first day for the new hairstyle VS Few days later look...

So, my colleagues now are used to my new look. I wonder how my Sec frens will react when they sees me this sat...Sure 'SHOCK'...


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