Happy Bithday to M3

Today's my birthday & i feel great..
'Happy 24th Birthday' to M3!
(reminds me the last sat gathering my fren told me to sing 'M3' whenever they sang Happy Birthday to ....)kinda weird but fun**

Hope my below wishes come true***
Thanks to Doreen, Kennedy-san & Tsubasa-san for their b'day cake. It looks sinful!Doreen bought it to office for me this morning. So sweet & i really thank them for being so nice..

Up next my colleagues-only few wished me. The rest seems clueless. So i cut the cake around 5pm v Pam (having the same b'day as mine) & enjoyed it. Of course share with the rest but i asked them to help themselves. So, ended up S frm my dept bought a bengawan solo b'day cake & few of them sang songs to me after i cut the cake givn by Doreen. Weird huh?Anyway, thanks them as they gave me angpow as present. Guess how much? hehe!Less than $100-jz a token of sincerity...Thanks to them

S stressed that she went down to buy for me in a hurry**

B'day card signed by my colleagues & also red packet for my b'day present ($$)-needed the most now..hehe
So, met up with my fav gang combination of age 24 young gals & 2 mamas jz now. They had planned it for me like 2 weeks ago before my b'day. We met at somerset & went to Xin Wang (HK cafe) for dinner as a celebration for Angel mama & me. This time cher can't make it coz she is rushing back hometown to go for holiday without us :( Guess what? End of the celebration, she called up YH and said her mum remembered the date wrongly. shld be the next day =_= !!! Like this also can wo...

Took some pictures. I was expecting more but not really have the mood like last time.Everyone is tired & it's only the 2nd day of the week. Haha!Anyway, nice to gather together. It has been sometime we all gather. So carefree & stress free.Feel free to speak up the mind..

Giving ceremony btw Angel mama & me

Another group photos.

We short of Cher inside..But nice shot...

Had photo sticker after the dinner before we depart. Wow..everyone looks nice in the pic. So beautiful.
Jz realise didn't took individual photos of myself le..Aiyoh..Miss the chance..
Lastly thanks to everyone who wished me and i really thankful having a bunch of frens to celebrate for me. Mm...really brighten up my day. At least dun feel lonely..haha!
Thanks to my sec frens who make the effort to gather on 16th aug which supposingly on July jz to celebrate my b'day-Eddie & Ju frm KL to Sg
Thanks Nutz (Walnut & Almond nut) who gave me comfort & even plan to celebrate for me but in the condition i need go to KL la.haha!
Uni frens of course do remember my b'day. Long Live Group 29 buddieS (Chuan, SY,KY,CWeng, Quan), BY & YP-best frens 4ever...
Who else..mm...of course my family..Thanks although this year unable celebrate with them but i do receive their warm msg & calls..
Ok la..wanna turn in dy..going to 12 soon & need to work next day. Meeting peanut after work tmr. Shall c how big her tummy now..Nitez..
There goes my 2008 b'day..LEarn to be contented & Happy is the choice to make...cheers~~


Pik Har said...

Happy Birthday ya!!!!

Stay young forever!!!

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