Finally found my long lost cds that store all my memories in it while unstuffing few boxes of cd..i lost it when i was moving my house from kt to jb.Looking back at the photos reminds me of sweet memorables days. Those were the old days when i study in Uni..

I can see the differences in each and everyone now. The looks, the taste, the appearance & etc..Oh gosh..but there is always one common point that we have= age..getting older which can be put as mature looking now(hehe)..Anyway, the main point is that everyone is looking great now..

Let me see which year of photos should i put first? i think i have the year 2004 when i joined the study tour to Aus and get to the nuts members ( Pik har, jing yann, wanteng & of course big sis Lax). I still remember i was in Petaling Jaya campus & had an interview before being selected to join the tour.It a good experience & i got to know many ppl from there and learn about human behaviours & characters as well..Too many photos dy so i choose 3 pics which can show the overall ppl joining the tour..and the M1 line keep disconnecting so very hard to upload more pics...

Th3 Study TouR MembeRs to Brisbane, Aus Nov 2004

The Nutz Family

Shall share v ur my Uni group29 frens..oww...

I forgotten the lecturer name..hehe :p

Took it during the last day after the final sem exam @ putrajaya

Group 29 so united in 1st year to Penang trip Oct 2004
Guess the rest upload again other line really got prob..keep disconnecting and it's getting late..i need to sleep now otherwise no energy to work tomorrow. However, i stil yawn during office hours. Maybe the air-con is too cold and it so comfortable to rest if the phone stop ringing & ringing non-stop with the suppliers & outlets keep calling....
*p/s: 7 days to go..I hope miracle do happens.. but i know it's hard..


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