Reunion Part II

Not working today..woke up around 11plus and start to on my laptop online the whole. As usual with the FB & Friendster..check hotmails and surfing the websites..reading ppl's blog.
Shall upload some random pics took in genting again with the bunch of crazy ex-mates..SY took exclusive nice pics of the guys drunk doing sorts of funny things..

One particular shoot by AH Yau of sumone SEXY BUTTS..guess whose butt is this?hehe~~

Will miss the time going crazy v them..Looking forward for the next reunion. Time flies and i got to work the next day.
Did my housework at home since i idle online whole day and cooked edamame (baked beans) for my dinner..My home TV is still very blur..Luckily signed up M1 or else i will bored to death..ok la gonna stop blogging dy..need to enjoy my dinner & bath before the rest are back from work..lolz
** Today's the 4th Aug-It has been 1yr & 2mths to be exact since the day..Looking forward many days ahead~
End of my holiday & start to buck up to work the following day~~


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