Mooncake Festival~Reunion Time

Happy Mooncake Festival!!

Good news:-

1- Grandma discharged last Sat

2-Finally ease my guiltiness by admitting it

3-Learning not to be too rush(one step @ one time)

4- Family get together although no much talking but spending weekend together is great

Bad News:-

1-Fall sick (bad headache & dizziness causing my face looks like 'devil'). So cham look wo..Kinda shock when i saw myself in the mirror on sat..lolz

2-spend $$to buy hp

3-Lost $$ due to own mistake-partly and also the greed overcome my rationality.. (anyway, not bad. Able to realise before it's too late)-doing the necessary action now

Mm..seems like good news is more than bad news. I can see there's always sunshine after the rain.Hope by the time i back work on Monday. Everything will be the new starting point for me and worked hard for improvement. But somehow i really feel that i begining to feel stress lately.Perhaps partly from my work and also my family. Of course i have a habit-think too much all the time. Make unnecessary assumptions and make myself miserable only. Always get scolding by my frens for being so negative..lolz..

Guess i really need to buck up and learn lessons from the previous incidents happen recently.

Did i mentioned i went to attend a seminar with SC last week(forgotten which day after work). It's about the entreprener action program. The speakers are fantastic They are very positive thinking and gave an excellent speech. You can see their spirit of being a succesful entrepreneur and start a business with little or no money. Actually end of the talk, their motive was to draw attraction from the crowds to join the program with cost a bomb. But this program is actually good. I mean you can build your network because those who joined in the program are like-minded person. All wanna do own business and earn $$. So, what they said is right. NETWORK is NETWORTH.

It's all depend on the social networking around you to grab the opportunities and be an action taker in your life.Does anyone know what does FEAR stand for?

I get to know the true meanings when i attended the talk.

F- False




So meaning we haven't even try we already have the image in our life tat if we start this action, the negative consequences appear in our mind and stop us from doing it. Actually, he is right. I have this mindset along..
This is what people said-Action speakes louder than words. But my Words speaks louder than action pula.lolz..


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