There is many uncertainties in life. I still dun know whether the direction i'm going is the rite one or not. All i know i need to find ways to be survivor in the world..

This week will be a crucial work to determine where i will be for the next few months or even years.. So, hope everything goes smoothly in the end. 'Happy Ending' will be my pins of hope..

Mm..tried Vietnam foods last friday v colleagues and had a great dinner. Able to taste the foods and also learn new things.haha!I luv the rice paper. The taste is refreshing especially you goes with the sauce. A bit sweet and acceptable..I love their beef noodles. The beef are slice i guess 2mm (std size) and half cooked served with the soup..It's hot and tasty..I love the original taste.. Slurp...

Busy weekend visiting my granny again. She is admitted in hospital again..Haih..Asthma attack again. Hope she will be fine soon :)


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