End of the mth

My 3 days training course is finally over and i passed my test with 844/1000 marks. Lucky me!hehe!The test is an online microsoft test which has timer of 50 mins with 18Qs in it. Anyway,it's over.

Had my lunch at Tanjong Pagar area. There is a foodcourt near to PSA Tanjong Plaza if not mistaken. Bad experience and WTH that this is happening here in SG.The story begins...As usual we reserve our table using tissue papers (which is a common practice in working areas). So, me and my coursemates went to buy our own food. So, i was the 1st one who bought the food and went back to the place we had reserved. All our tissue papers has gone!So weird,rite?Then the coffee shop aunty approached me and ask "Want to drink?". I said "No.Thanks".

Guess what she told me? She said "If u are not going to order drinks, please sit at other places where u ordered your food. Otherwise u need to order drinks. We are paying the rental here". I was like >_
Anyway, i told the aunty that i need for the rest to come back and decide.Then when i told them, they was like...where got such things wan? Then it's illegal lo..Summore it is not pasted there that we need to order. But in the end we did ordered but only 2 of them ordered. Then the aunty even worse. Give us the sulk face and said "Everyone needs to order otherwise cannot sit here". We jx ignored her. She should thankful that we did ordered, ok??

But i guess this is the way coffeeshop ppl earn $$ otherwise ppl normally only go for food and save on the drinks. And they can only earn the $$ drinks during lunch hr where many blue collar workers are out for lunch during weekdays. They also Cham la. But the prob it's not the way to do so lo.I mean in customer point of view.hehe!

Tmr need to go to work and sure piles of works waiting for me to settle. I going to go burst soon. Dun care..hehe!Mon on leave. So, Pls let me go back sharp tmr...

Tat's how i spend my 31st Oct. End of the month. Nov awaits me...Here I come.....


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