Parcel is here------> Got a letter from my supplier. So sweet although not expensive gift. It’s a keychain & ‘plump’ pen for me!!haha!

She also wrote a letter of appreciation to me..jz wanna show off..haha!

Sigh..stil working.Been OT since last Thursday everyday. So tired and exhausted.Aargh..i wish 1st Nov is here so I can get away from all these keying system stuffs.Headache..Need to rush the deadline before 1st Nov.
Help!!I wish the job can be completed soon~~God please save me~~
Oh ya.met up with WT today.Oh gosh..her tummy.So big!7mths pregnant and she is expanding horizontally. Forgotten to take her pic.haha!Anyway, baby boy is coming and I’m going to be one of the godmums.haha!Sound old ho..
PK coming this weekend. Perhaps going to meet her during the weekend...


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