Mei Leng's B'day Cum Korean Foods

Had celebration for Mei Leng yesterday at a Korean Restaurant @ Square2 named Han Sang Korean Family Restaurant which turned out to be the most expensive and not valuable price for money. The foods are not tat nice at all. Guess we paid for the ambience and also the location. The service is also so-so only..Guess the total bill is SGD $294.85.
And inclusive the present, each of us has to pay SGD$37.25 for it!I spent SGD 71.25 for 2 days.My pocket got a big hole...(jz grumbling only but enjoy the company.. hehe)
Anyway, share the photos i have here:-
Seafood S.onion (above) SGD$8.50 - Pancake Assort (below)SGD $18
Marinated Collar Meat SGD $40.00
Aust. Wagyu Boneless Short Rib SGD$32.00/per plate (But the taste is simply delicious. The meat is so tender when it is medium well done)

Boneless Chicken leg SGD$20.00 per plate & Layered Belly SGD $20.00 per plate

Rice with carrot,potato,red date & pumpkin. When you mix it, the rice becomes sticky and the taste is like 'dumpling rice' but does not have strong taste. Jz normal rice. Nothing special~

The process of grilling....

Scenario 1 going on...

Scenario 2-enjoying the sip of the button mushroom

The Colleagues (From right: May, mei leng,siew chern,xueping & Peggy)
Colleagues from right we have Jolene, Siew Yin, Annie, Huey Ling & Me
Jz to show the favouritism between the tables. We only get to eat appetizer.. (kidding only)

Food of the Day~
Lastly presenting the gal who left RE&S yesterday..YH.She finally left the company. All The Best to u ya!!
Last pic with her...*sob**Sob*


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