Aargh..everything needs to plan in leave, trip to penang, trip to kl, family gathering, etc. I dun like the feeling to plan in advance in the end sure will have changes. But i have no choice.

Due to my dilli dally, i lost my chance to go during deepavali and i can only go the week later by flight which costs me RM330 which does not include my cab fare frm Senai airport to Jb custom which should be range from RM50-60 gua. I'm not sure. Anyway, i checked from the senai airport and found out other alternative other than cab. The Bus-Causeway Link bus which costs RM8 based on the stated website (hope it is updated). u know la..M'sia website .... Dun want to about this issue first since still a long way to go (1 mth).
Guess i really need to brush up my planning skills. Terrible otherwise my $$ sooner or later will gone 4ever like how i spent my savings in a blink of eyes* seems like doesn't know where has the $$ gone. Terrible huh? *angry* "____"
Anyone pls teach me how to plan my financial so that i can be financial free? Got my pay today and i need to take out to clear all the monthly expenses and i left nothing to spend at all.There is always not enough for me. Aikss..


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