Previous entry i mentioned about the cobia sashimi,rite? This is the picture
It looks like Hamachi but the colour is slight different. The veins has different flow as well..
As for the fish look is like this:-

Got this from the website wikipedia of the description:-

Attaining a maximum length of 2 metres (78 inches) and maximum weight of 68 kilograms (150 pounds), Cobia have elongate fusiform (spindle shaped) bodies and broad, flattened heads. Their eyes are small and their lower jaw projects slightly past the upper jaw. On the jaws, tongue and roof of the mouth are bands of villiform (fibrous) teeth. Their bodies are smooth with small scales, their dark brown coloration grading to white on the belly with two darker brown horizontal bands on the flanks. These may not be prominent except during spawning when Cobia lighten in colour and adopt a more prominently striped pattern. The large pelvic fins are normally carried horizontally (rather than vertically as shown for convenience in the illustration), so that, as seen in the water they may be mistaken for a small shark. When boated, the horizontal pelvic fins enable the Cobia to remain upright so that their vigorous thrashing can make them a hazard. The first dorsal fin is composed of six to nine ,independent, short, stout, and sharp spines. The family name Rachycentridae, from the Greek words rhachis meaning "spine" and kentron meaning "sting," is an allusion to these dorsal spines. Mature cobia have forked, slightly lunate tail fins with most fins being a dark brown. They lack air bladders.

So, you can see getting know about fish is also a great deal of knowledge..hehe!

As for the warmheart donuts from Donut Empire, we have this for the sinful moments:-

P/s: Had a bad mood today and tons of workload need to be done. So sad can't send my sis off to KL this sun.. :(


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