Had been playing the game called Sushido online game at viwawa.Famous online game where you can play with real people and chit chat as well. Jz signed in for 2 days and i start addicted to it!!!!Oh gosh..been playing non-stop after work at home. Makes me so excited and i was like do not want to lost out and keep play and play not knowing how fast the time pass..and who knows it's bedtime time. But i jz couldn't ignore it.haha!
Still thinking how to clear my leave.aargh...headache!Although jz 4 days leave to clear by end of the year but i cannot crush with my col. THis is the worst part. The leave i want to take is actually same as hers. So coincidence all the time... "_____" speechless..ANyway, let's nature take its course.
I'm stil waiting for col to passed me the photos of the donut(dessert) frm very generous mgr. shall call him K. K bought lovely and sweet donuts for us as dessert after i made a casual remarks. So sweet of him..hehe!So, took the photos and waiting for the photos to upload.
Between, tried new type of sashimi yesterday given by the supplier as sample. THe fish called cobia. We normally will go for salmon sashimi or perhaps maguro (tuna) sashimi which is in demand in the market. So, this new introduction of the cobia is quite tempting as well (based on the presentation). Price almost same as salmon but the texture and taste is totally different from it. How should i put it? The cobia texture is more hard and nice to chew. Salmon texture is more smooth and sort of will melt in your mouth (dun really know how to describe). Better taste urself and u know...lolz
Share the photos when i got it...


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