Work+ Work=Stress

Been busy with my work stress..checking emails and making phone calls.doing coordinating jobs and etc. U can c my emails reaching 7000mails soon. Oh is always no end!!

Additional our co is going to implement the ERP system and we have a tight schedule here to key in the items into the system by THIS WEEK!!! and we need to do OT!i still need to manage my daily jobs. Guess i can be super woman liao.Aargh....

Going for a farewell dinner later with a bunch of ex-colleagues and existing colleagues to celebrate YH leaving us. So sad!Another gang is leaving. still remember we started to be so good frens (i mean the gang i'm going to meet later) is thru my current co. Sharing the same thoughts and slightly difference characteristics..hehe!Actually a lot la but somehow can mix well together. We blended so well til the ages gap is nowhere..lolz

Did a 'card' full of photos for her. Hope she like it..We have everyone to sign on it so that she can feel our loved and friendship..sound mushy huh?hehe!But jz a token of sincerity from everyone of us. Share v u the pic:-

Used photoshop to edit.I think took me quite a while as i run out of idea how to decorate.haha!

Hope YH like it.. :)

p/s: My dad is feeling better now but still hospitalized. I gave up the idea to join my sis to Indonesia during christmas time as i can't get leave. Y so hard to get leave? Haiz..

(anyway, save $$ for raining days i guess. World is changing and the financial crisis is starting.But i still want to go holiday. Anyone wannt go???)


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