YH's Farewell

Everyone had a great laugh throughout the dinner at Dian Xiao Er yesterday. It is our first time to the restaurant and receives feedbacks saying the foods there are acceptable. Their famous signature dish is the roasted duck. True enough we tried the roasted duck and I’m loving it.hehe! The skin is crispy and the meat is tender.Yummy!!

We also had our salted vegetable soup and some other dishes. To summarize, the foods are nice and the service is good.Simple as that. Lazy to comment..hehe!Just let the photos do the talking..
And of course we took the pictures of the foods and of course the female lead “Miss Yeehui” and the gang.

Picture says:-




The Female Lead "Yee Hui"

Ex-colleagues + Existing Colleagues= Friends

Angelmama & her funny action with YH

I like this pic. Looks so sentimental..

The gang(YH,Cher, Sam,HL,Angelmama & M3)

With the electric massage cushion for YH as a gift~

The group photo

Tadah..the restaurant we were dining in~

YH with us~

Each of us v the rabbit on pose~

Cher with the rabbit..Looks so comfortable..

Huey Ling showtime~

Angelmama v the rabbit. How cum the rabbit got pregnant? You can c her tummy getting bigger and bigger. Due month will be Dec soon..Andrea is coming~~

So cute rite?Rabbit with the big tummy

Sam can't wait to eat and i said 'Stop'. I wanna take pic..then she act cute~

Cher & m3 with everyone's hand. Too bad no shinning jewelleries to show..so i edited some..lolz

On the way back.still taking non-stop..hehe


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