Bak Kut Teh @ Toa Payoh

Met up v SSC for dinner.JF supposed to turn out but he is not free for us :( Anyway, we met around 7pm and i was suggesting to hv McDs coz dun know y craving for the fries. But SSC turned my suggestion down and proposed to have Bak Kut Teh. Since i'm ok with it, we went to the nearby restaurant @ interchange to try out this restaurant Bak Kut Teh. Understand that this is a newly open restaurant. So, Let's see the foods we have today..
The name of the restaurant printed on the menu

We tried the herbal bak kut teh. This is supposedfor 1pax portion but both of us shared it and ordered some side dishes to go with it. The soup is nice and it served hot. The taste is juz nice and not too strong of herbal as well. This portion costs SGD9,80. Worth it? Ingredient contain: Few types of mushrooms, spare rib, herbs, dried beancurd skin, 'zhu du' (dun know the eng name :P))

We ordered dough as well to go with the main course. Luckily i put it in the soup to make it soften so that i can eat it with my retainer on...

Presenting the side dishes we ordered:-

Tofu & Salted Veg( not very salted and not strong taste but still acceptable to it)

Mr Shy guy.hehe!I wanna take a pic of him v the dishes but he dun wan. dun give me face.lolz.Anyway, it's nice to have BaK kut teh for dinner. But i still prefer our hometown stall.It much more nicer and the taste is stronger. hehe!

What is the best drink to go with after the course?It's CHINESE TEA! This chinese tea costs us SGD1.20 per cup. Damn expensive.. U can imagine the tea leaves worth $0.000cents.. So they are earning like more than double for the single drink we ordered...It's GOOD $$ man..

P/S: 3 more days to go back JB. Wish the day will come soon. I miss my home bed and cosy room.I miss home cook!!!


D3RRick-M@s@do said...

Well...You everyday went outside eat i think its more delicious than home cooked le....hahha

LeO GaL said... coincidence only lo..I still prefer homecook

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