Day 1 in KL

Arrived Puduraya KL around 1plus and took LRT (MRT which we called in Singapore) to Kelana Jaya station and took a cab to 1 utama to meet up my bestie, Ju. Had my 1st KL lunch together at Nando’s which is also her fav.lolz

Below are the main course ordered by both of us. ¼ chicken with 2 side orders of our choice:-

Side orders: Old Style chips + Coslaw
Side Orders: Old style chips + Potato Salad

Ju & M3
Oh ya..1 utama shopping complex xmas decorations are very glittering. It seems like u are in fairyland. They have this Alice in Wonderland concept here in the complex. The management has come up with something interesting. With every purchase in any shops in the building, you can redeem a sticker book album from the customer service. The book itself has the story chapters with a blank frame for us to put our photos. So, Ju accompany me to go around the complex to take the snaps to complete the sticker book.She took many times with her family dy so she said the people there recognize her already..lolz
Below are pics that i took when i go around the complex to complete the sticker book:-

Glittering stage at the heart of the complex of Old Wing if not mistaken..hehe

One of the photos in the book chapter

The Rabbit clock & the structure of the clock...

Xmas Tree close up shoot

The other chapter of the pic needed..

And this one...The Tea Party
I like this pic.Dun know y
This one also needed to fit in one of the chapter
We blocked the Mr Cat..lolz.

This is excluded in the book chapter ...hehe

For more photos, check out FB.hehe! After all the photo taking session,we bring the memory card to one of the photo shop to process the photos. So, we completed the sticker book album and redeem a gift from the customer service again. A Frog Towel Hanger..I was hoping for kolar bear instead of the frog.. Anyway, it was great to gossip around v bestie throughout the day...
Then, i met up v my diploma cum Uni fren, Byi.haha!finally get to pass her the b'day present. So went to her house to take a bath before we head to The Curve for dinner v Boon Leong(Diploma fren). I think i didn't meet him for almost 2 years already. We had a good chat throughout the dinner. Not forgetting to take pics as well..This time round i brought along Samsung camera instead of Nikon camera to KL. Samsung camera is damn lousy lo. Night shoot is damn lousy but somehow with my several attempts, few pics can still be acceptable..lolz
Pics time!!

The curve has a place called THE STREET where u can see the whole place is full of nice foods and ambience. There is bazzar in between the street as well where you can see from the pic that the street is full of ppl.
Like i said it's crowded. So, the restaurants are pack as well. We can't managed to find new place for dinner so we went to a cafe called 1960/2-dun really remember the cafe named. The foods are so-so only and nothing special as well..
Anyway, i did took photo of the foods that we ordered to share here...hehe

Menu-like Bulletin News,right?

BL ordered-Lamb with sausage and rice- The Rice he said taste like 'Ham cha'(a kind of Hakka food)

BYi ordered Spagethi with chic and lots of parmesan cheese which she thinks that it's too cheesy and she didn't finish it.

I ordered Lamb shank filled with mashed potato and some vegs. The mashed potato portion is too much and i can't finish it. But the lamb shank taste ok. The meat is soft and tender.

Next is our group photo-m3-BL-BY
After the dinner, we went around the shopping complex to take pics..
The Curve has a customised garden at the centre of the building. The graden is full of animals,elves and xmas trees. Seems like a zoo also.haha!Everyone was busy taking photos. I was one of them as well..

Had a great time with them and we ended around 9.40pm and off i go to Old Town Cafe which is located at PJ area to meet up v my Uni Fren.Ah Yau, KY,CK, Ah Luar and BYi of course. So we chit chat til 1 plus i think then i headed back to BYi house to rest..The cafe is juz opposite UTAR PJ branch which i studied before few years back. Oh my..the place do certain change a lot..

Ok then.. i ended my post now with the Old Town Cafe pic.

To be continue..


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