Day 2 Continues...

It’s Christmas Eve and we should be expecting snow from the window view.lolz.Day dreaming again. I’m in S’pore so unless miracle do happens here.*opps*

Working half day today and I will be meeting my ex-roommate during my Diploma stay in TBR,Setapak.It was like 4 years ago..

Talking about the KL trip, I managed to meet up with my nut members which excluded our dear peanut. Poor mummy-to-be!She has to stay at home and not allow to travel. Waiting for her baby to born and we are going to be the baby godmum.hehe!

So, we (Chalice, Lax, Yuen Mei(Lax’s best fren cum neighbour)) went to this restaurant called Bumba Gump which specialized in shrimps @ The Curve. The restaurant is always full house. We had great time there. We shared our laughter and jokes there. Chit chat & chilled out throughout the sat nite.We had splendid dinner as well.

Take a look at the pics taken below with edited bloom to make it looks wonderful and perfect:-

Few shots from different view of the restaurants-Suddenly feel like being in those movie drama or perhaps The cowboy town?lolz..dreaming too much dy..
Delicacies that we ordered:-

Shrimp PO' Boy RM24.90 & Cajun Shrimp RM20.90

Bourbon Street Baramundi RM29.90-the fish is simply delicious

Accidental Fish & Shrimp RM34.90

Mango Sparkler-RM9.90. Huge glass

This is a special signage. The STOP Forest STOP-is to call the waiter to serve you. So, you no need to look for them and 'yell' for the service..
As for the RUN Forest RUN- we do not need their services.
Interesting rite?
4 Beautiful ladies..haha

Chalice & M3

The table design~~

The menu front page
You can see the logo is everywhere...

I like this. Makes us feel like home with the accesories..

There also have a corner to sell their apparels.Like Hard Rock Cafe concept..
3 nuts together. Too bad Jing Yann is not free and Wan Teng not here...
At least our Big Sis, Lax is here v us. She treated us the meal. So sweet of us. Total bill of RM162.50
Cam-whoring again:-
M3 v Yuen Mei

v Chalice-walnut

v Big Sis-Lax

We ended our small gathering with sweet memories and laughter*wink**
I will rate this restaurant good because the service staffs there are nice and friendly. They even came over and chat v us and had amusing Qs..
Hope to visit Bumba Gump again...
p/s:On leave on Fri & Mon so i'm going to stay home and rest throughout the long weekend...


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