Grandma's B'day Celebration

Long Holiday is finally over. Had B'day celebration for my grandma on sunday nite-7th. We went to the nearby restaurant for the b'day dinner. We waited for 1hr plus for the restaurant to serve us.Luckily my dad went there earlier for booking purpose.

So, he is the no. 1 customer as the restaurant only starts business at 7pm. So, you can imagine we can only hv our dinner an hr later. Gosh..terrible,right?But there are still customers flowing in and willing to wait. But the truth is that the foods are nice and the price is reasonable. We have 11 of us and the total bill is only RM193 NETT...

Cup the craps and show u the photos taken:-




So Mian which we said b'day person should have to have a longevity life.The first dish and we had it finish once it is served because everyone is so hungry...

Steamed Fish-The fish is fresh and the meat is tender

Veg Cooked with the Silver Anchory-*Slurp*

Claypot Tofu

Steamed Prawn cooked with chinese wine-i think so. You can taste the freshness of the prawn once u put into your mouth. Pic's colour not tempting but the food is really fresh and serve hot..

Lemon Chicken- They served the chicken cutlet original and the lemon sauce separately so that we can taste the difference and dip it as much as we like.But i prefer it is mixed well before served..

Bai Zhan Chi (Chicken). Can you see how smooth the surface of the chicken?The meat is damn nice and tender as well.The taste is like the chicken rice chicken u normally ate..

Above are the dishes we ate on that nite. Didn't bought b'day cake coz my grandma said no need to buy. But tell u lo..Our small little cousin Mimi is still hungry after the dinner.Aha..caught her eating maggi..Isn't she cute?Sitting at a corner enjoying her supper...

Enough of the foods..I got a msg from a fren thru msn asking me whether can help to do drawings for charity or not.So, i spent my sun to do drawings and colouring.My cousins helped me out as well. Drawed few pictures of Chinese New Year characters etc in A4 papers. The purpose of the drawings are to convert into CNY cards and sell it. The money earned will goes to Charity. This is organized by NTU association if not mistaken..
Let's see the masterpiece of my art:-

Is it like cute?So long never draw and i think my drawing skills like children standard...haha
Hope can be accepted to use for the charity purpose..

P/S: Received an email from the Kakiis contest that i joined. So happy as i got the invitation of appreciation to post up the pictures and participating. Wow..feel great about this. So, they stated in the email :
'We would like to thank you for posting your video and pictures and for your effort we are invitng YOU and 2 of your KAKIIS to our 'Kakiis Nite Out' happening on the 13thDecember 2008 @ Euphoria by Ministry of Sound in Sunway, 5-10PM Dress Code = 'Kakiis Together-Gether'

*Sigh* Can't go..So, i lost the chance to get the prize & goodies coz the gifts will be given away on that nite 13th Dec 2008. Absenteeism will not be attended because even eg. i'm the winner but not around, the winner will goes to someone else..Miss the chance but it's great to receive the email of invitation..hehe


Anonymous said...

The Ox is so cuteee its very artistic drawing.

When they sell the card, can i have 1 ? ;p


LeO GaL said...

But my fren jz told me tat my card is not selected ;(

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