What i did last weekend..

28 Dec -Movie time**

BEDTIME STORIES is the month of my movie list before I end my Year 2008.lolz
Short review of the movie:-
Fantasy and reality collide when a hotel handyman, Skeeter Bronson (played by Adam Sandler) reluctantly agrees to look after his niece and nephew in order to help his sister out. To keep them quiet, he resorts to storytelling and in doing so, unwittingly opens the door to their vivid imaginations. Skeeter soon realizes that the events in the fantasy world seemed to be strangely mirrored in his own life. Ultimately, the kids have the last laugh as it is their make-believe bedtime stories that magically come true, much to their uncle's surprise.

The story amused me a lot especially the Bugsy- bug-eyed guinea pig. The eyes are so big that made everyone (almost I guess) in the cinema burst into laughter. Damn funny little cute thing…

Fairytales stories always have happy ending and hope my reality also ends the same. hehe! Happily ever after.. sound nice,right?

Got the pic of the bugsy v Adam Sandler. Isn't it cute?
Share v u the waffle berry from Baskin Robin RM16.80 pic. Looks sinful huh?hehe!There is banana and M&M with the choco syrup and of course 2 flavors of ice-cream (World Class Chocolate & Honey-pokey). Damn sinful and fantastic.Feel so happy after the dessert and off for the movie..

After the movie, went back home for dinner...
Just a random shoot photos taken below:-
Journey back to JB from Kota Tinggi-jz simply took a pic of the bluey sky...

Then we had steamboat cum BBQ @home. Too bad Rachel went to Indonesia for holiday v her colleagues.Mum had prepared a lot of dishes to go with the steamboat. It's a spread~
We have Pork slice, Beef Slice, Chicken, fish,corn,meatball,fishball,mushroom enoki,scallop,salmon few slices & not forgeting vegs...
After dinner mess...
We even had supper after the steamboat. We had red wine to go with the avocados plus jap cucumber wrapped by nori (seaweed) and dip with wasabi & shoyu sauce. The taste is....thumbs up!The seaweed is so crispy and avocado is jz nice (not too hard nor too soft) and u sip a bit of red wine and enjoying the show (tv show).Dun u think u r in paradise?haha!Nice warm gathering with the family and loved ones..

27 Dec- Went to New York Authentic Dining @ Centrepoint for lunch. 2 of us so we ordered 2 main courses and my favourite rootbeer float which costs SGD$9.90. But it's worth it i guess. Such a big mug to glurp it up!!

Pepperoni Pizza ordered by m3 @SGD14.90 (If i'm not wrong v the pricing)

Spagethi with the mushroom sauce & quarter spring chicken which cost range from SGD13-15. Opps..sorry i totally forget the price and throw away the bill.. *Grinss*
P/S: Had a wonderful weekend spending with loved ones and warm greetings and care from everyone i loved..


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