Kagami Mochi

Kagami Mochi-wonder what is it?

The glutinuous rice (mochi) which is offered to buddha and other deities at the new year, is known as kagamimochi. This delicacy consists of a stack of two large round rice cakes. the round shape symbolizes fulfillment in the family. the stacked cakes indicate successfully 'pilling up' or adding another year to one's life

Kagami Biraki 'breaking of the mochi' it traditionally falls on the january 11 (add numbers are associated with being good luck in japan) but, in practice outside of japan, generaly occurs around that date. it is generally the first important event of the year after new years day

Nothing is easier to make than isobe yaki. just unwrap and grill the mochi in the toaster oven- watch carefully though, as it's liable to suddenly puff up and it will burn if you don't smoosh it back down(until soft all the way through), dip it in soy sauce, and lay it on a piece of nori. Mochi happens to go very nicely with cheese, so as a special treat add a slice of cheese to the mochi when it's almost finished cooking; as soon as it melts you can proceed.
Got it from colleagues and find it interesting to share with you all...


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