Cous B'day on V-day

My V-day fever is not over yet.haha!Sorry for the late post. Kinda busy for entertainment with frens.lolz!
So, let me post up all the activities one by one. Last sat – 14.02.2009 where couples get together and spend their romance together, I celebrated my cous b’day at granny’s house.
My mum bought her b’day present and guess wat..this is how she react when she saw the present. Wonder y her face look so sulky??

See how she react when everyone gather in front of her getting ready to sing b'day song for her..notty gal..with all the cute act pose.I think she can be a good poser..
Pose with her mum..

Her beloved mum which is my godmum bought 2 cakes on that day. Y 2 cakes?Let me do the explaination.1 with sailormoon pic is for her daughther and the other one is for kakak(the maid). Her b’day is on 15th which is the following day. So, we had it all together..

Tat’s goes my Valentine day 2009…

Up next: Fren's wedding dinner


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