Weddings Followed by Steamboat

Date : 15th February 2009
Time : 7pm-9pm plus
Venue : Public Restaurant, Kota Tinggi

Big Day for both bride & bridegroom.Both looks fabulous on that nite.This is 3rd time attending frens’ wedding dinner excluding colleague’s wedding dinner. And Teck Chong is the 1st guy among our gang of frens getting married!!Omg..I think these few years time I will be receiving the ‘red’ boom invitation from everyone.Cool!

Random pics throughout the dinner to share here..

Bride & Bridegroom.Look gorgeous right?So sweet as well..Everytime i go to wedding dinner, i will have the feeling of 'xin fu' coz get to settle down and build very own home together..Day dreaming again..

Random dishes we had throughout the dinner...
P/S: The first dish is exactly the same dish i had during family cny reunion dinner. No creativity at all..i mean the restaurant dish...Oppss...*Grins*

Took photo v the bridegroom..

Then, i help the rest to take photo.Actually i wanna be inside but everyone is standing there waiting for me to take.Aikss...
Met up with few of them. I think the last time i met them was during Form 5 time.That's very long time right?Everyone looks different now...Except few which i always meet up.Still so....anyway, it's a good gathering to meet up with the rest..
Finally got me inside.Luckily SB offer to take photo...

Lastly after the dinner, we had our group photos. All from Laksamana schoolmates..But too bad the pic taken quite a distance..gonnas ask Evelyn whether got nice one from her camera..

Date : 16th February 2009
Time : After work session
Venue : Bugis

Meet up with dear SY at orchard after work. She went shopping and bough clothes again!haha!So coincidence the one of the dress design is exactly same as mine except for the material design is total different. We have a same taste wo…hehe

Then we took a cab back to clark quay thinking to have steamboat there. SY is craving for steamboat on that particular day. Then we can’t find good and reasonable steamboat restaurant when we got to liang court. So, end up took cab again to beach road, bugis to have steamboat.Beach road price sound more reasonable..haha! SGD15 inclusive of free flow drinks. They have all sort of soft drinks display on the chiller and the variety is more. SY said ‘Shiok’. So, both of us indulged with our Yin Yang steamboat which is Spicy soup( Ma La Dang) & Non-spicy soup (Ching Dang).

We are too hungry til no time to take photo and nothing much to take also.So, after the dinner, we opt for Starbucks coffee but then we saw this Crystal Jade Hong Kong Café nearby and decided to have dessert instead.So, she ordered aloe vera osmanthus jelly (if I remember correctly) & I ordered Soya beancurd with mango & pomelo taste. Sound yummy rite? Hehe!So sinful..been eating non-stop throughout the nite.

After the dessert, SY need to back to hotel to get ready to fly back to dubai and I took cab back home coz already 10plus and I damn sleepy..Been so blur the whole day..

Reason behind is that I reached home after the wedding dinner around 12.20am yesterday nite. Dun understand why the larkin is still crowded with people so late at night. 10plus still so many people going to SG. Luckily we managed to catch the last train back to Toa Payoh..


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