Family CNY Gathering

Started my work on 4th day of CNY and went back to JB on friday after work. My mum and sis are in KT so my dad and another sis spend the fri nite together. We went back to KT the following day. My cousins & uncles from sg are back to visit my grandparents so we went for feast at the nearby restaurant. If u do follow up with my post, i think this is my 3rd time to lao yu sheng..lolz..

The dishes that we ordered on that day:-

Yu Sheng- i think much more better than the second one i took during cny eve. The salmon at least thicker..lolz

Sweet & Sour Fried chicken

Steamed Codfish & Fried Codfish. I love the fish. It's fresh and crispy especially the one in yellow colour.It's the fried one

Pig trotter-Damn Big rite?no one dare to eat coz too fattening..high cholesterol!

Fried Beancurd.taste nice with mayonnaise. Outter part is crispy and inside is soft and smooth.

Assorted mushroom & vegetables..

Scallop & Brocolli..I heart brocolli & scallop..i miss the huge sashimi scallop we had during cny dad said can use the scallop to throw ppl..lolz

Vegetable with oyster sauce

Lastly dessert of the day~

See the pig trotter?Still left untouched...everyone is so careful with their health

After the dinner, some of us walked back to grandma's house. Then, start camwhoring sessions for the elders..Most rare scene of the year! dad took pic v my grandma. My grandma took the initiative wanna take pic with dad.

Cousin frm sg v her bf & only grandson of the family..

Random pics of cousins and elders..

the youngest really knows how to pose in front of camera..cute,right?

See?She again...

Grandchildren with grandparents...missed out one in sg attending event..
The END~


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