B'day Boyz

This post is dedicated to the above 3 guys.From Left to right: JF, T.Chong & Hee

We celebrated their birthday last friday at Wong Kok Char Teng located at bugis junction after work. Late celebration for JF but early celebration for the 2guys.

So, SSC and i managed to call a few ppl out. We have Hee's gf, Cecelia,Chong Meng,SSC and myself. So, ssc and i bought diff flavor slice of cake from Four Leaves.Looks sinful yet delicious.. *Grins*

Random photos taken..Jz realise tat 3 out of 4 is wearing specs. I'm the only one with good eyesights..hehe

Then we have the other four here..

We ordered our main course before we had a little celebration for the boys. Guess wat.I ordered the wrong dish for myself."_"llll Supposed to order sausage and mushrooms bacons. But end up sausage pie pula. Summore the pie is damn hard to separate and i hv to spend so much trouble cutting it to eat.Blur blur..
See the wrong order.Looks like roti canai lo..Summore not tasty..

JF Individual photo with the choice of cake..B'day on 19th

Hee and his beloved gf,Meili..B'day on 25th Mac

Early celebration for T.Cong.B'day on 4th April

Some random photos..

Trying to get the group photo but i destroy it with my laughter..
Reflection from the mirror
Group photos with the foods that we ordered...

So, we ended the gathering around 8plus as Hee and mei li need to rush back kt and i wanna watch last episode of Perfect Cut 2.
Jz a simple gathering and it's cool to have everyone to celebrate the b'days together.. :)


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