Bad Experience

Been a week since i update my blog.Nothing much to post up lately as no gathering, no dates or anything special to share. I was busy with doc appointment & dentist appointment for the past few days. Spend SGD300plus for my healthcare man..I was damn broke you as my pay day only receive on the 7th of every month. But i got my nose fixed and will go for the second check up in 2 weeks time to check again.The specialist applied the medicine inside my nose. The part which is quite deep swollen red and crack on the surface of the skin. I feel uncomfortable when the specialist place the cord i think it is supposed to call..hehe! in my nose to do the checking and applying process.
As for Good Friday, i spent my day at home practically doing nothing.haha!Totally no idea wat to do because everyone is working and schooling and no companies at home. But mum cooked nice home dishes for us to eat. I miss homecook. I miss my mum cooking.Then spend the whole afternoon sleeping and watching tv. The weather was cosy as it rains heavily non stop. But because of this stupid rain, i almost missed my flight to penang. Worst experience in my life. Guess wat?i reached Senai aiport at 8.55pm and my flight is 9.00pm. I was worried death and keep blaming myself for not calling for cab earlier and wait for my sis to send me off.
Anyway back to the story. I was like oh gosh..8.55pm and luckily i already web check in through Airasia website 24 hrs earlier and printed out my boarding pass. But the problem is that the gate close 30 mins before the departure time. It's printed on the boarding pass statement. I dun know whether i can make it or not. But at the point of time, my mind go blank and without realising, my leg starts to run and run like a crazy gal searching for the check in to departure hall.At last i saw the signboard 'Departure Hall' arrow showing to my right and in a slip second, i was like quick i gonna be quick. The policeman was there checking my boarding pass. and he said 'Ah moi, kenapa lambat?tak tahu flight sudah jalan ke belum. U boleh cuba'. Then i quickly ran up to search for the gate departure to Penang sign. I can't find and i saw the screen showing the gate is CLOSED!!I was like..y like this?Pls dun do this to me...Then i saw a counter and there was like 2 mans walking towards the counter to show their boarding pass and without hesitating i jz walked over and try my luck to see whether the flight is to penang. And really it is.Thank GoD!And finally i'm the last one to board the flight. I was out of breathe and finally i can take a deep breathe once i found my seat in the cabin.
The moral of the story is that never ever take things for granted expecting everything will goes smoothly as per planned. So, i really gonna be alert and thank god i did not miss the flight and of course did not waste the flight money of RM300++ as well.
I think i do hv fate with the figure 3 in front of the amount. Cost me a bomb for the expenses spent recently.Especially on doctor specialist and dentist *Sigh* But i really wish to go for holiday but it will cost all my saving.Shld i go or shld i not?Argh..
P/S: Finally got Zihui wedding card and also her wedding photos. I'm her representative to send out her wedding to some of the sec frens working in sg. SSC said i can practice learning how to give out red booms to frens so in future when my turn finally come i dy have the experience. Wat a joke.. =)


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