Dine in @ Pete's Place

Finally i get to upload my blog with new post.It's so coincidence that my sis is stationed in Singapore this week and our cous msn-ed me for a dinner.So, 3 of us headed towards Orchard to meet up. While waiting for my sis to knock off, both of us went walking around Orchard shopping complex to look for nice place to dine in. So after 45mins of walk, we managed to settle down at a italian restaurant located at Hyatt Singapore.You can click on Pete's Place to have more information of the restaurant concept.
Random photos to share:-

Front view from the entrance..You can see the salad bar

View from the place you sat

Can you see the wines are displayed in the cabinet behind?

The menu of the day:-

Basically we reached there before 7pm so early diners have the privilege to have free flow salad.So, we headed to the salad bar to make our own salad. The salad there are very fresh and the colours looks nice too. There also provide us different kind of breads such as wheat bread, loaf bread, stick bread,etc. Too bad didn’t take photo of it to show here.We enjoyed the salad.

Since the salad is free flow FOC, we ordered our main course which costs us each $20-$25. So, I ordered Pete’s Fish which consists of the seabass steamed with different mushrooms, capsciums and wrapped in a paper. It was served wrapped like the Chinese chicken wrapped.
Pic below:

We have this Pam Pam main course ordered by cous, Rebecca. It’s actually tiny crusted pizza serving with pork sausages,ham & other ingredient. The portion looks valuable. The taste is absolutely different of the pizza we normally had in Pizza Hut.It’s crunchier at the thinner layer. Can you see the thick part on the pic?It contains ham & cream in it and it feels like you are eating crepe.It has 2 different type of taste.
Pic below:-

Oh ya..Rachel only arrived an hr later after I try to contact her for several times (T___Tlll) So, she did not ordered any main course as we unable to finish our main course. So, end up she shared with us and we get her salad as well. Then there is waiter come over and inform us that if she did not order any main course, there will still charge us a price of the salad which is $19.00.So, the rule is that she still have to pay that amount either she ordered a main course or she is not. Anyway it’s better than she order main course and we can’t finish off,rite?hehe!
And of course we ordered dessert to please our sinful craving. The dessert looks tempting & delicious. We ordered 2 desserts to share. There we have this one scoop of gelato chocolate ice-cream with the crunchy almond wafer I guess. Simply delicious!This cost $4 dollar per scoop.

Then we have this muffin chocolate with raspberry & black berry around it and cream topping on top looks wonderful. The chocolate melts in your mouth. Thumbs up!This costs $10 dollar. Dun you find it tempting?

Lastly, we took a pic together before we headed back home. It's loving to have dinner together and chit chat over the dinner session.

The total bill is SGD100 and it’s quite reasonable as the ambience of the restaurant is excellent and the service staff is quite friendly to customers and made us feel comfortable.
Tat’s how my dinner end last night =)


Angelmama said...

so exp~ nex time pls jio mi~ but ur treat~ haha!!!

LeO GaL said...

my cousin very rare ask me out for dinner. Luckily my sis and i share ma otherwise...but i think worth it le..we can go together next time

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