Iluma @ Bugis

Doesn't it looks magnificient?It's the new shopping complex located at Bugis named Iluma. It's a 10th storey Bugis mall. The jewel bling art work design of the complex makes the whole building so unique. It blings beautifully when the night falls. It's like shinny huge diamonds shinning above you.
Random pics of the indoor mall with small unique designs of the booth located at the ground floor with tenants filling in. Basically it's just open and not all the shops are open and some still under construction. Guess Bugis will be the hot shopping spots for everyone including the tourists. There are Bugis Street, Bugis Junction and spacious new Iluma in Singapore.
Random pics taken:-
View of the top.Those art designs..Based on the Electrice New paper, Iluma's developer, Jack Investment, has pumped $160 million into the project.

Views from outside the mall

I like this pic. It's shinny and covered the whole building..

We can couple here, Walnut v her boy boy. She came down yesterday and we hooked up the whole saturday sight seeing and shopping at bugis of course. She had fruitful trip this time coz she bought worth value dresses from bugis street and me as her free companion.haha!

Walnut & m3

This pic looks like i have double chin.haha!But i like it this pic so i just posted up together.hehe!

After her shopping done, we went to Marina Barrage!I finally got the chance to go sightseeing and photo taking.
Photos upload on the next post..
Oh ya i watched Wolverine yesterday night and the movie is full of action and violence.But it's quite nice.It has been a mth since i last watched movie.


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