Father's day celebration

Anyone can guess where is this place?The boats are full of catch fishes by the fishermen. They are doing transaction for their fishes with the dealer.

Many Kelongs here and it's near to the sea..

The surrounding environment of the place...

My family exclude Laurel (who is in KL) went to this place to celebrate Father's Day. My dad has the sudden craving for seafood so we drove all the way to this place for the lunch on Sun. It was 2hrs journey from JB. But the seafoods there are worth for the drive. It's fresh, big,juicy sweet and CHEAP!!We had Grilled Crab, 2 plates of Hotplate oyster egg, Sambal Kangkung & Steamed Fish. It only costs us RM102 ! Cheap rite?

I love the grilled crab. It is my first attempt on the grilled crab and it’s nice.The meat is tender and sweet. My dad enjoyed it but he hurt his finger eating the crab. He wanna crack the super hard crab shell but end up cut his finger. Luckily I got a plaster with me..

The foods photo..
See the oyster is so big?unlike those we had in the hawker centre with the flour and eggs for the fried oyster.So, tat's y we ordered 2 plates for tat.hehe!Greedy hor...

My sis & I called up our granddads as well to wish them. I went back to Singapore after the lunch around 3pm..
FYI, we went to KUKUP for seafood.hehe!Far rite?But it's worth it. Dad enjoyed it..


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