Gathering @ Swensen

Gathering was scheduled on 16th June 2009 @ Swensen United Square.
Attendance list: Angelmama, Cher,Yeehui,Maria,Huei Ling,Samantha,Richard & myself..
Random photos taken:

Foods and i dun think it is super nice. Jz normal kind of western foods..
Then we have camwhoring sessions *grins*

I look like Lion here and giant compared to the rest.haha!

Then followed by HL seems to be admiring the staff who served us.See my edited eyes look..haha!

Camwhoring continues while waiting for the sinful dessert to arrive..
See that Samn never follow the agreed posture..

Then followed by another posture and Cher this time wanna be special look at the camera pula.

Photos again and see cher & maria also never follow the rest with the posture..

Lastly group photo

Been going out everyday after work. Luckily Thursday i finally can get home straight after work and i went to bed at 8pm. So, this shows that i super tired and i keep waiting up middle of the nite. Many things running through my mind..So i dun think i really sleep well.Woke up 5plus in the morning just to put my clothes to washing machine to wash.
And my colleagues are following me back my home tonite to be jie mei the following day. We gonna have showdown with the 'shiong di' tmr morning..can't wait to have the fun!
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