Aoba Ramen @ Ion Orchard

Venue: Ion Orchard Basement 3
Dinner Time
Attendance: SSC, Rain & myself
We had our ramen craving at this restaurant named Aoba Hokkaido Ramen. Initially i want to go for Watami Restaurant which is next to this restaurant. But too bad it's closed for maintenance on 29th July 2009. I always do not have the chance to try the restaurant i wanna try. Sigh!

Anyway, we queue for almost 45mins to get a seat. The queue was 'U' shape. U can imagine the popularity of the ramen shop here. Probably bcoz Watami restaurant closed for maintenance.haha!Anyway, they are offering 50% for the specified ala-carte for each purchase of ramen. Stated in the menu.

Some of the decoration of the restaurant corridor..

The view of the restaurant from outside. Basically the dining area is quite small and can't fit many people. But the customer turnover is very high. Ppl eat dy then go within 30 mins. But we had ours for around 45mins.How come i so sure?This is because the next table changed 2 customers group and we still having our dinner.haha!

The lighting used of the wooden box and steeless wire combination. It's basically all wood decoration in the restaurant.

Side wall decoration. The symbol of Hokkaido japan i guess..

Menu. Very simple brief menu

The ramen we ordered:-

Spicy Negi Regi Ramen (if not mistaken). Ordered by SSC. The soup based taste is quite strong compared to mine.

I ordered Shoyu Cha Siu Ramen. The Cha siu texture is tender and goes well with the soup base. But i dun like the ramen texture. It's yellowish and texture not very nice.

We have shio seafood ramen ordered by Rain. She loves prawn and i don't eat prawn. The staff forget to add prawn when they served but luckily we voiced out and we got back the prawn.The soup base is not so strong also.I think is mild taste.

Overall the price range for the ramen is from $11.80-$15.80/per bowl. The price is consider reasonable as we found even expensive ones in basement 4. Maybe the ramen used is different.

We had a great fun chatting all the way and get to refill the houji cha for at least one time before they chased us out. U can imagine it's already 8.30pm but there is still long queue. The business is good for them

Dinnermates of the nite..


whsy said...

wow!!!! it looks so delicious!

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