Ultimate Charging Way

Nokia 6230 is quite an old model in the market. It has been my baby since my last year in Uni til the days i start working. So, it has been quite a dear to me. I already get used with the typing format and it's user-friendly. Anyway, i think Nokia brand is always well known of user-friendly among other brand.

The story i wanna share it's that it really shows the sign of ageing dy. Basically i need to charge it everyday. And not even 1hr it shows battery full but it can only last for few hrs instead of few days.

The interesting part is that i charged it with the cellophane tape coz the charger is also not functioning well.So no choice want to make sure it stick to the 3ply switch. Can you see it the tape clearly?hehe!

Then i still need to stick the tape at the wire as well coz it is easily loosen at the end where it connects to the phone..

See that?I also need to use a folder to maintain the shape of the wire in order for the phone to get charged.haha!Time to get new one!Anyone wanna sponsor me?Aug is coming..hehe!


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