Random dinner with Colleagues

Hello folks...I have been away for a week from home and work. I went for holiday alone and i came back safe and sound. So it isn't a bad idea to travel alone.haha!Thanks to XP who is kind enough to bring me around explore Guangzhou and shenzhen. Photos will take quite sometime to upload. I need to do some arrangement.So, be patience ya...hehe!

This is supposed to post up long ago but the photos were at XP's camera. I got the copy from her during my trip there. So, photo time ;) Photos all taken at Ichiban Boshi Novena Square (one of my company outlet)

Sure everyone will start telling me 'Hazel, why everytime everyday eat japanese food?". But it's so coincidence that every dinner i happen to have fate v japanese foods. It seems like cannot get away from my attention after all. I dun know is it coz related to work?mm....

Salmon sashimi...it's my all time favourite..Thumbs up!Nicely cut and served...

One of the new launching sushi menu. Too bad i can't eat prawn so the rest is enjoying this dish. The presentation looks so valuable. Especially the size of the prawn..

Then we ordered cream dory fillet sushi

I love this man..It's mentaiko salmon sushi!I in love of the mentaiko sauce and the combination is perfect. We ordered 3 plates of this to eat tat nite..haha!Greedy neh...

The outlet speciality dish green capscium with the minced meat being grilled. Taste nice as well

Followed by tebasaki- grilled chicken wing. I love the grilled taste and the chicken meat is crispy

After the sushi feast, we have our dessert to end our dinner. We ordered the favourite brownie cake with vanilla ice-cream...

and COffee Jelly..this creation is super fantastic. I dun take coffee at all but the taste is not so strong as it combines with the milk , gelatine and also the green tea. Feel so blessed with desserts. Made my day..

Of Course as usual, we will also have camwhoring session!Random photos that i combine to post. We had the memoir photo book special dedicated to XP and we passed it to her on that day. She was so touched and even tears dropping from her eyes..Touching moment but too bad i dun hv my camera with me to take the moment.She was so surprised to see the book and gonna keep it in her bag all the time.Tat's so sweet of her.And you know wat?She really keep the book all the time. I saw it in her bag when i met her in Guangzhou.

i like this effect so much..thanks to my creativity..haha!

i like this photo also. Coz HL keep talking non stop on how hungry she is and XP jz look at her one kind only..Funny rite?

We ended the day camwhoring at the bench seats at novena square after the dinner.Gals..really cannot stop taking photos..Tat's the nature.. :)

Photos taken on 16th July which is so back dated away...We will miss you Xp!!


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