Turns 25

Closing the chapter of early 20’s and beginning the new chapters of late 20’s.

So, whenever i need to fill up any form, i gonna tick in the squarise box of the form age 25-29 instead of 20-24 now. Sigh!Why can't they just put 20-25 instead? Although it's a year only but it makes a difference!

Checklist needed to filter one by one: -
  1. Finance management for my present and future life. Do i need to get adviser?
  2. Planning for my short term and long term goal
  3. Control my diet
  4. Spend more time v loved ones
  5. Take action not just think about it only
  6. Dont keep day dreaming about this and that. Be more practical
  7. Change my handphone. My handphone is going to retirement stage already. Aiming for Samsung omnia perhaps?
  8. Control my temper
  9. Keep thinking positively
  10. Act calmly before giving any big reaction.I always do not act rationally
  11. Learning to accept things the way it is
  12. Less demanding as life is more than that
  13. Get my skin treated well
  14. more to come....

I think as time comes by i will have different mindset and my demand will keep changing.hehe!But above is the main concern that i need to keep remind myself to do it..

Sorry for the lack updates. I was busy v appointments and sure stay up for the updates ya...


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