August Baby

Sorry guys for the super late post. Last month which is Aug is my b'day and also my sis,Laurel B'day. She had her 21st b'day this year and we celebrated for her at home. She got a bouquet of money folded roses from my godmum.

Laurel's B'day Cake-Fruits Flavored bought by my uncle.

My beloved sis. Does she looks like me?hehe!Everyone says so. See the nicely folded roses and bear bear?If only it is given by a guy...haha

Closer look of the handmade roses

A week after her b'day, it's 19th and it's my b'day. My colleagues bought me Cedele B'day cake and it tasted yummy and healthy as well. I thought of getting a perfect cake snap but then i blew the candle and made a cut there..

BUt the cake still looks lovely,rite?hehe!

Tadah....this is my colleagues who celebrated with me after work. So nice of them. It's my only cake i got to blow this year...

Luckily, my fren, Evelyn (b'day 2 days earlier than me) organized a dinner celebration for me on my b'day. She invited the some of my sec frens and we had nice western dinner and red wine. She got drunk after 2 glass of red wine and she acted very funny when she is drunk. Photos are not tat pretty so i decided not to post up.hehe!Pardon me then...
Anyway, 2 days later my sis (one of the nuts member) who currently working in Sg is kind enough to treat me dinner. She and her husband treated me at japanese restaurant as well.Newly opened at Watami Restaurant, ION Mall.
The foods are nice and price is reasonable as well. She loves it.Overall it's nice to gather with her. She is busy v her son and studies. All the best sis!!

Photo of me and my sis (Peanut)


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