Ootoya Japanese Restaurant

It has been a week and i kinda slack.Anyway, i gonna blog about my dinner at Ootoya.
Ootoya 大戶屋 is a popular teishoku-ya from Japan whish open it's 1st Singapore family-style restaurant in Orchard Central

I went with 2 gal frens and we waitied for almost an hour to dine in. It's fully occupied by people and the queue is super long as well during dinner time. I always wanted to try out and finally i got the chance to do so.
3 of us and of course each of us ordered a set each..

This is the chicken katsu set special.The exact name of the set i forgotten dy. But it's consists of a must have rice, miso soup,appetizer to complete the whole set. This special set is the recommendation set from the staff and it's well-received by the customers. This is what i understand from one of the staff there.
Next is the Atka Mackerel fish (Hokke) set.My choice that day as i have a craving of fish on tat day. It's delicious and it's nicely grilled as well. The fish meat is tender and i love the crisp part of the fish.

Closer look of the grilled mackerel...

Followed by another chicken katsu set as well. It's slightly different from the first set above but the common must have items are in the set as well. The chicken is nicely fried and taste nice with the special sauce.

We also able to enjoyed such a big pot of orchid flowers displayed in the middle of the dinning area. Evelyn took this photo for no reason and i jz post up coz i love the blooming orchids display.

This restaurant also provide free flow ocha and also free refillable rice to customers. The price is reasonable as well. I love the rice. It's super nice and goes well with all other foods. Too bad i'm full after a bowl of rice and i can't even have the chance to request for second bowl.haha!
Overall, it's a nice homely restaurant feel and i will bring my family there if i have the chance to do so.I miss the rice.. :)
After the dinner, we went to orchard ION to.....

See the available flavors!!!!It's simply gorgeous and i have difficulties to choose the flavor i want. The good thing is that we can request to try out the flavors before we purchase the ice-cream flavor we want. Doesn't this splendid?haha!
I think it is coz i enjoyed the ice-cream flavors i choose in the end!Thumbs up!Good recommendation from Evelyn. She brought us there and we treat ourselves with the sinful dessert.
I love ice-cream and i feel happy after eating it!Sound crazy rite?but i think u will feel so when u get the taste of the sinful ones. I mean not only ice-cream but chocolate as well.Try it and u will know wat i mean.
You mz be drooling there.Opps..did i tell u guys the name of the shop?It's GUSTTIMO.Click on Gusttimo to understand the background of the creators.
Enough of the blabbling and pics to show...

Evelyn with her choosen flavor.

Jin Ye with her gelato

and of course me enjoying mine..

It was a good dinner and also dessert on that night. I will go back for more for sure...


montreal florist said...

Among the photo, the flower arrangement is really beautiful and gorgeous. It looks orientalism. The other foods are pretty. Maybe japanese people like a lots of decoration on the food and desert.

LeO GaL said...

Yup.Japanese people love decorations on their food,dessert & also the flower arrangement to beautify the shop

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