Happy B'day to Grandpa 81 & Grandma 71

Grandpa b'day was on early August and i couldn't make it this year.. :(

But luckily i managed to attend my grandma's 71st B'day dinner at JB. We had it last sun nite and i reached back sg late nite around 11pm
Pic of my grandma.
She is looking at the....

b'day cake!Chocolate flavor from Lavendar..

Blowing off the candle after everyone of us sang her b'day song.

I have the picture of both of them together.
Thanks to my aunt who bought her camera along whenever we have family gathering..

Rachel & I with our grandparents..
I think this is the 1st photo we took together with them.
Rare chance indeed..

Siblings...do we look alike?Miss out the youngest one. She was busy chatting with the cousins

Random photo of my aunt & cousins..

The youngest in the family..Cute little gal. So chubby and lively.
Can u see the kissing scene?haha!We kinda surprised to see it!

Grandma + Cousins v me

Toast to our grandma and the ladies tat nite!!

Here is a pic of the youngest and the third one with grandparents

I didn't managed to take the pics of the foods coz i dun hv my camera with me. I forgotten about the camera. When i realised, it's too late and we are in the car towards the dinner place.
So sorry guys.no photo of the foods.


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