Tioman Trip

This post is suppose to post up after my Tioman trip which was end of August. Anyway, here is my late post for the trip.Just a random photos out of 500plus photos.We did many crazy things throughout the trip.It's a gathering for G29. We had great fun for the 3 days and i miss the beach!!

We arrived at one of the pulau jetty. See the difference?It's totally different from city.People there is much more slower pace than city ppl. Everyone is so relax there...
Very beautiful sea and sky..So blue and the colours are so vibrant!
It's very beautiful...

The place we stayed for the 3 days. We have chalet for ourselves..

Sceneries of the pulau areas where we are heading for snorkelling..

We have 2 energetic ladies here keep cam-whoring throughout the trip.Tat explains y we have so many photos in 3 days time..

The life jacket and snorkelling equipment we rented..

Gang photos...

Can you see what is this?We are quite lucky to see it coz not everyone has the chance to see it...It's our lucky day afterall

Random group photos

Just a picture of the bat sleeping at the tree. We shot this while we on our way to the duty free shop at one of the stop at the pulau..

More photos are uploaded at facebook and i jz wanna share some nice ones here


whsy said...

wow!! hazel!! the pictures are very pretty ^^ me likey.... =)

LeO GaL said...

Thanks :)

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