I haven’t been so active in updating my blog recently. My fren mentioned that no point updating my blog coz nobody will bother as well. I feel a bit sad when he told me tat. Anyway, he is too straight dy “_____”lll
Many things running in my mind now. I’m a kind of person who thinks a lot and many ‘why’ in my mind. Why this? Why that? Why?Why? That’s why my fren said I’m a problematic person. So many why’s til they don’t know how to answer me.So might as well ignore my Qs as well.
Jz wanna grumble a bit here and there coz no place for me to vent it out. I need a beach for me to shout out loud and scream loudly to release out. I need a space for breathing.i gonna out of breath soon.
I had a fren sharing her thoughts with me recently which i think it does makes a bit sense to me.
The word distance is not when you know the person standing right in front of you but his/her soul is not here with you. It’s the distance of your mind and action. Does it make sense to you? People tend to think of doing this and that but no action is taken. It’s easy to think of it but to execute it is really very hard. Thus, the phrase of ‘action speaks louder than words’ comes into the picture. I’m telling myself this as well.

Enough of the grumbling and nonsense here. Just don’t be fickle minded again


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