Say Hello to Year 2010

Time to say goodbye to year 2009!

This has been a great year and i did achieved some of my resolution or so called aim for the year.Give me a pat for that although it jz started but hopefully it can be continuous.Slow and steady doesn't matter as long as it is moving :)

I learned to travel alone to another county by myself and it isn't tat bad being independent alone. It is scary to go to a stranger country alone without companion. But it turned out to be fine after all. So, i'm looking forward for my goal yr 2010. Hopefully i can do it. But first, i need to save a sum of money for the travelling expenses.

I learned to give and accept coz things won't changed as the way i want. Changes are essentials and it does not stop. I will need to do it..execute my new chapter.Colour the new chapter nicely with rainbow colours perhaps?haha!!hopefully

Not gonna list down what is my wishlist for yr 2010 yet but soon enough...



Gonna countdown and celebrate cousin b'day at home tonight!!


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