Chelsea Gal & Bun Boy

It was second day of the new year and i had my first gathering at Angelmama house with my ex-colleagues. Angelmama jz moved to a new place upgraded from HDB to condominium.Her new house was great!Her children can go down anytime to swim. That's the advantage of condo.haha!!
She cooked her HL curry chicken for us and also prepared some dishes for the gathering. The curry chicken is very rich. Very delicious oh!!
Random photos taken by Yeehui's camera.:-

I like this one below..Maria's baby and angelmama bun boy. Cute babies..adored them a lot. Too bad bun boy don't like strangers.

Sam trying to take pic with bun boy. Cute rite?with his tongue sticking out...

Group photo using self-timer. Everyone trying to make their eyes big big..i'm trying very hard also.

More photos taken..

Lastly before we left, we took a pic at "Lan Kwai Fong street".

Hope we can have more gathering next time with the rest who are absent from the gathering.
I know this is kinda late post but i try my very best to update more.Sorry folks..
Bear with me a while.I think i will be free after march...but hopefully not otherwise i do not have income coming in..


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