Mariott Buffet aka Farewell Dinner

Last Thursday was my farewell dinner and hueyling as well. My ex- colleagues have arranged the dinner at Mariott Hotel. We have 20pax and lucky for us that one of the colleague has a friend working there and we managed to get 50 % for the buffet price.

Some of the random foods that i took. There has many varieties of appetizer and salads to choose. I like the fresh oyster especially. The fresh crayfish is very juicy and meaty as well. Same as Kuishin-bo.I miss kuishin-bo now..

Mariott buffet has speciality drunken prawn. Too bad i can't eat prawn but my colleagues commented that the soup is tasty and the prawn size is big and juicy as well..

Own recipe of desserts that Jenny created herself. Soursop with jellys,mango,peach etc.

The lamb shank is tender and juicy as well. I love the taste of the meat and it's very appetizing.

Not forgetting photos with colleagues...

With siew chern and her baby yet to born

Ms Jolene from OSD dept and she has been very lady like all the time

Rei and me. She is one year younger than me and she just joined the company. She has been very friendly as well

With may from OSD also. She is very quiet lady.

Ms tracy- receptionist. Young lady..

Jenny, my dept colleague who has been a fun laughter all along

Tsubasa-san the QA member who helped me all the time

Siew Yin who has been very strict person.

Maria who has been helpful all the time.

Of course my seniors and ex-mgr. Adeline and annie who has taught me along the way since i joined the company

Hueyling and myself. We shared the same thinking and thoughts but we have our own directions to go. So i wish her all the best and keep the spirit going

Johnny-san who is also one of the QA member. He ate a lot fresh oysters. He took 13 pcs at one time..

With the company only guys. IT guy and my junior
Some of the random pics of the varieties of items

Fresh items- Live prawn & crabs, fresh crayfish, fresh oysters

Desserts is a must in buffet

Varieties of fruits and salads for appetizer

Chocolate and cheese fondue are available as well

Snacks and sweets to go with the ice-creams

Finally the group photo after the dinner..
Thanks for the dinner and wish everyone all the best!
I will miss you guys


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